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Let Bubll provide the answers to exacting environmental conditions whilst promoting increased energy efficiency and sustainability. Provide users with up to the minute digitised building information from key contacts through the fire evacuation information.

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Bubll Functionality explained

Innovative thinking, decades of industry experience and a unique understanding of how communication channels can be harnessed to enhance the building automation industries functionality have all played significant roles in the development of Bubll. With the age of IoT (internet of things) a platform which has been specifically designed to gather data, analyse it and create meaningful actions.

Bublls patented technology provides the ability to connect users directly to the systems that control and monitor their environments utilising simple open protocol communications. Complete with a custom future proof REST API engine Bubll offers endless possibilities.


Why choose Bubll?

Bubll provides ground breaking and yet simple to configure automated control and monitoring of building environments and technology systems whilst offering a scalable solution from building wide or on a simple space by space basis. Once configured users are presented with an intuitive interface to control and monitor their respective environments whilst offering management teams’ real time clarity on both comfort conditions and requirements.

Enhanced levels of pinpointed, accurate and detailed information play a vital role not only in the management of your organisation but also in the key areas of employee well-being, comfort and productivity along with cost control. Bubll offers support teams the ability to monitor and control connected systems from remote locations via their own smart mobile devices resulting in vastly reduced service calls.

A single engineer can now provide remote support to multiple sites via a single device running the Bubll platform.


Where can Bubll be deployed?

Whether the requirement is Commercial, Residential, Retail, Education, Leisure or Healthcare environments Bubll provides the ultimate solution. Once deployed Bubll offers building owners and occupants (along with their management teams) the ability to capture user requirements/emotions and gauge optimum conditions required to achieve fully defined comfort.
Occupant engagement is tracked and the resultant information is displayed in both tabulated and graphical formats for ease of analysis and understanding. Operators are provided with unparalleled levels of visibility along with the insight to achieve and subsequently manage truly smart spaces.

Bubll in Operation

Via its simple to configure, intuitive user interface Bubll provides simple plug and play integration to the following system types:

  • Automated Meter reading
  • Condition based monitoring
  • Remote alarming and monitoring
  • Two-way user wellbeing interface
  • Company notice boards and advertising
  • Complete cohesion of different products within the HVAC and Building Automation industry are now a reality. Complex control, monitoring & alarm handling and notifications are achieved with new levels of simplicity. Best In class systems covering HVAC, lighting, Shading, IP Cameras and metering can be integrated into everyday devices without the requirement for time-consuming on-site graphics and engineering. Bublls native REST API capabilities can also be harnessed to integrate to third party applications; offering a unique and fully future proofed solution for the built environment.

Bublls virtual engineering technology

Bublls cutting edge virtual engineering technology offers a world first in user configurable automated system performance testing and commissioning. Following completion of any automated test routines a detailed report is automatically generated identifying any irregularities or failures. A simple targeted approach can then be adopted in repair and optimisation of the associated systems.

Yet another reason why Bubll currently has neither a rival nor a comparison; savings are numerous at not only the deployment stage but also ongoing.

Tomorrows technology today

Integrate standard open protocol systems along with 3rd party IOT ready platforms utilising REST APIs via corporate branded interfaces and unleash one of the most powerful Automation/IOT platforms available on the market not only today, but for the foreseeable future. Offering flexibility that can be deployed by operators on single sites right through to multiple portfolios each with multiple sites, both local and remote connectivity achieved whilst adhering to best practice cyber security protocols.


How Does Bubll Work?

Installation is typically no more than a few simple steps.


Create a dedicated secure account

A Bubll specialist will create your server account.


Download the mobile APP

Navigate to the Apple APP store or Google play and download Bubll.


Enter license details

Add credentials into the selected mobile application.


Scan the site

Hit the scan button to create a feature rich user management interface and engineer centre


Enjoy the benefits

Users, owners and management companies alike will benefit from a modern smart enabled connected environment providing a depth of insight not considered possible.

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