Bubll Automations Multi Award winning technology Empowers sustainable building operations into the future

Reduce energy consumption, operating costs and carbon footprint
by an average of 25%

Optimise Building Performance and Enhance user Experience

Securely integrate asset operational data into a single platform. The Bubll Smart Matrix (BSM) software suite provides a complete building analytics solution, including an Energy Information System (EIS) and, Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) as well as a user engagement platform complete with integrated system performance auditing and reporting.

Our promise is to turn ordinary into smart. Connect with us to transform your building's data into actionable insights.

Bubll automations analytics aims to surpass conventional operating and maintenance techniques. Automatically improve operational efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and optimise occupant comfort and engagement.

Real-time Insights: Powerful real-time reporting, covering operational status, maintenance requirements, energy consumption and building KPIs.


Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Environmental and Comfort conditions

Lighting and Shading Systems

Fire Alarm and Smoke Systems

Security and Access Control Systems

Water & Gas Leak Detection Systems

Indoor Air Quality

Energy Monitoring Systems

Weather Monitoring

CAFM Systems

IOT devices and systems

Bubll keeps your Energy Goals and Sustainability in Mind

Our Machine Learning algorithm organises your data automatically, making our solutions more efficient than others. We connect easily to most Building Automation Systems with our unique technology, requiring only our small Edge Device hardware.

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Why Choose Bubll as a Platform!

Our solutions give you all the insights you need in a single accessible platform. We provide comprehensive information and insights through one remote platform, empowering you to efficiently oversee and enhance your building. Bubll offers solutions for both easy plug-and-play deployment using open protocol communication, as well as integration of IoT devices and systems. You can connect with us for:

  • 1

    Easy Onboarding

    We create rules using a simple, user-friendly block diagram programming language with our patented contextualised engine..

  • 2

    A Smart Approach

    Transition from a preventative maintenance model to a proactive data-based maintenance strategy..

  • 3

    Intelligent Product

    We have an intelligent product capable of learning on its own and making decisions based on its data analysis. Whether its water and gas leak detection or weather monitoring, Bubll can handle it..

  • 4

    Security and Monitoring

    Bubll comes with efficient energy monitoring systems to monitor your building, notifying you of any detected faults or low performance. Supported by our in-house security team and live support, you can directly address any alerts or concerns..

  • 5

    Crowd-Sourced Library

    You can access our vast library of different rules and reports. This crowd-sourced database allows clients worldwide to create and share their own rules..

  • 6

    Customised Solutions

    We offer two service options: a comprehensive turn-key service and a self-serve option. With our turn-key service, we easily handle the complete implementation of Bubll with additional managed services. Alternatively, our self-serve option empowers clients to manage performance and ongoing services independently..



Horizontal and vertical integration of systems and devices. Sentinlls dedicated team of engineers and software architects are on hand to ensure a unified approach is adopted with respect to any requirements for 3rd party system integration challenges.


Rapid Development and Deployment

Sentinlls native self serve API engine provides users with the ability to rapidly integrate 3rd party IOT devices and systems offering short design to operation lead time approaches to be adopted.


Manufacturer Agnostic

Complete transparency is a vital ingredient when leveraging both existing infrastructure as as well as providing future proof digital information systems and strategies incorporating the best in class equipment from disparate manufacturers.

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Whether you need support with our Bubll platform or guidance on optimising your building's performance, our team is always prepared to help.

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