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BSM AND IOT Integration

The Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging as a rapidly evolving market disruptive technology. Smart devices and system catalysed by IOT and the pending arrival of 5G are changing the automation industry. Bubll Automation are able to offer key insights into the successful deployment and integration of IOT technology spanning both new and retrofit markets across multiple industry sectors. BSMs technology provides a platform to make this a tangiable option. BSMs open platform gateway technology provides users with un-paralleled opportunities to rapidly integrate third party systems and devices with complete cohesion, bring data from multiple systems and devices into existing and new automation systems and unlock the true potential of IoT.

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Horzontal and vertical integration of systems and devices. Sentinlls dedicated team of engineers and software architects are on hand to ensure a unified approach is adopteded with respect to any requirements for 3rd party system intergation challenges.

Rapid Development and Deployment

Sentinlls native self serve API engine provides users with the ability to rapidly integrate 3rd party IOT devices and systems offering short design to operation lead time approaches to be adopted.

Manufacturer Agnostic

Complete transparency is a vital ingredient when leveraging both exisiting infrastructure as as well as providing future proof digital information systems and strategies incorporating the best in class equipment from disperate manufacturers.

Understanding Occupant Comfort

Sentinlls plug and play integration to partner company – Bubll’s user interface platform offers building operator with an industry first insight into real time occupant comfort and wellbeing, adding an additional dimension in gaining insights in achieving optimal comfort conditions along with maximum efficiency.

Wireless Sensor Integration

Sentinll provides plug and play adoption of battery powered LoWPAN and LORA technology devices as BACnet objects. Simply add a sensor, pull the battery tab and scan the system with a standard BACnet explorer.

Each unique parameter from the connected device (or devices) is made available to leverage with Sentinll’s rules and actions environment to create new overarching strategy without the requirement for site BEMS modifications.

Installation and integration of additional sensors is little more than a plug and play exercise, deployment is simple and above all cost effective. The concept of increased data density along with deeper levels of understanding of operational performance is finally a realistic option.

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Sentinll Smart City IOT Platform

Whether being deployed in a single space or scaling to multiple portfolios consisting of multiple sites and even complex energy centres serving large district heating schemes, Sentinll has the expertise to provide a full turnkey solution covering integration of conventinal BEMS through to complex IOT systems and devices.

Data Consolidation

Cosolidate system data from multiple systems onto a single platform with consummate ease. Enable truly smart facilities through data capture from vertical and horizontal networks and platforms. Provide a unified overview of all connected systems from a single platform and unlock the power of Sentinlls digital insight.