About us

The BSMs team’s collective experience in the respective technology disciplines spans circa 100 years of industry experience. The combination of Building Automation, IT and Energy Management skills sets have proved to offer ground breaking, new and revolutionary technology.

The Journey began close to 10 years ago and our concepts have since been realised to provide an Industry leading technology platform. Moving forward to 2024 and beyond, Bubll Automation pledges to continue our collective journey in providing state of art technology within the Smart, connected building arena, at a cost point that encourages implementation across all building types and sizes.

We recognise that technology is moving at an unprecedented pace and although the Internet of Things (IOT) era is in its infancy, it is now providing a means of achieving functionality that continues to push boundaries..

Our detailed understanding of the control measures required to both operate and maintain buildings, we continue to ensure that our products evolve to meet the highest industry standards and requirements.

Through leveraging new cutting-edge functionality, simplified IOT plug and play integration along with API Integration to 3rd party applications, we guarantee to keep our clients ahead of the curve.

Initially, we as a team had no concept of exactly what this meant but through the process of creating Sentinll we have come to understand exactly what this means. Our now understanding of this phrase is that much like life our journey in developing Sentinll was not to be rushed and should in fact be savoured. Yes, the destination in our case was always going to be paramount but the journey was to give many experiences from, at times a humbling feeling due to failure, right through to the elation of success. Each of the feelings experienced along the way only led to a determination that will stay with the team for a very long time and maybe we just have to consider it as a life lesson that has changed us all. After all if the great man himself, Mr Steve Jobs felt that the Journey was the reward, then there definitely had to be something in it and now each and everyone of our team understand the relevance of this statement.


Ensuring Buildings Perform Into the Future

Our mission is driven by an unrivalled passion to challenge convention, and our mantra to empower our customers to take greater control of their buildings.

With BSM, you get more than just data presented back to you. Our system takes real time data and transforms this information into value propositions unique to individual buildings. Take control of managing your resources—people, time and money—as you have the clarity you need to schedule what’s important and deal with urgent issues in the most efficient manner.

Take control of managing your resources—people, time and money—as you have the clarity you need to schedule what’s important and deal with urgent issues in the most efficient manner.

Helping Clients Achieve Energy Goals and Meet Corporate Social Responsibilities

A significant proportion greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions can be attributed to energy use in buildings and the sector remains off track to deliver on Paris 2050 agreements. According to COP27, the sector finds itself responsible for 37% of global CO2 emissions. Improved operational efficiency of your buildings creates positive impacts on overall asset health as well as significantly improving environmental and financial impact.

Build sustainable operations directly into the heart of your business

Leveraging our automated rules and reporting engine assists in providing compliance with new regulatory obligations. Replacing paper led operations with data centric techniques is pivotal in meeting compliance. BSMs energy dashboards can be used as displays within your buildings to reinforce positive actions, raising awareness on energy consumption. Publish energy, operational and carbon savings figures harvested and verified with BSMs Analytics to support a continuous improvement ethos.
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